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Brought up Aug 6, 2009 by style Alex R.

USB Drives



I'm using the Systemometer every day to see what is going on in my laptop.

I'm running XP Home incl SP3 and I'm up to date regarding fixes.

I'm missing the option to see USB drives like memory sticks and other.

Is there an option to turn that on or isn't that possible?

Thank you again for this very interesting tool.

Best regards

Alex R.


Thank your for pointing out an interesting point. I have not noticed this before and now see the same behavior as you are describing. I have done some reading and research on this subject and came to a conclusion that unfortunately Windows XP does not expose any performance counters for USB drives. Systemometer is using same standard performance counters as permon.exe Windows application.

Interesting that Windows Vista and Windows 7 do have them. Sorry to disappoint you.