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Brought up Jan 18, 2010 by style Joe T.

100% hard drive time


Trying to diagnose performance issue. Your utility indicates I have a high % hard drive time. Often near 100% How should I interpret this info and what to do to increase performance?

Thanks, Joe


Sometimes it is not as easy to find out which processes eat up the disk time as it would be to identify the processes taking all CPU time. It can be something like anti-virus, typically. Try running Task Manager (Start > Run > Open: taskmgr), and choose tab "Processes". Then in menu, go to View > Select Columns...

In this dialog, check I/O Reads and I/O Writes, click OK. Make this window wider to see new columns. Now try to sort by I/O Reads and then I/O Writes (just click on that title two times) to see what processes make the most read/write operations. This will give you some idea on what's going on.


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